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WIHA ORG plans to create sustainable water projects for underserved communities


In our focus to design to water projects, we recognize the importance of choosing the most appropriate technology for each region. We work with local partners to asses the locality and accommodate the water demand of the rural village considering geographical and rural village infrastructures. This allows us  to enhance the level of water supply services in terms of quantity, quality and its accessibility. also recognizes the importance of sustaining water projects and will collaborate with reliable local communities, government entities and local water committees to build and maintain a sustainable supply of clean water that transforms communities at large. 



Hand Dug Wells: Local trained workers will dig manually between 8-20 meters until reaching the underground water. 


Drilled Wells: A local trained team will dig deep wells that allows for access to natural underground water.


Pipelines: A system of pipes used to create a sustainable water supply system to various communities.  


Water Purification System: A purification procedure which will allow for removal of contaminants. 

Wiha, which means water in Amharic, has a mission to transform the lives of underprivileged families by providing access to safe and clean drinking water by creating sustainable water projects. Water connects every aspect of life influencing health, adequate nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, education, gender equality and growing local economies.

Our first project will be in Ankober, Ethiopia. With less than 50% of the population having access to clean and safe water, it is clear Ethiopia suffers from great water scarcity and crisis. We believe delivering clean and safe water to communities in Ethiopia will benefit the families by improving health through prevention of preventable diseases, increasing access to food through agriculture, improving nutrition through better sanitation and hygiene and improving access to girls’ education.

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