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Millions of people worldwide lack access to safe and clean water. WIHA is committed to changing this, one community at a time. We collaborate with local partners to fund water, sanitation, and hygiene programs in rural communities around the world.

Our Approach:
Sustainable Water Projects

To ensure efficient water project design, we prioritize the selection of appropriate technologies tailored to each region. Our assessment takes into account the specific needs and geographical characteristics of rural villages, as well as their existing infrastructure. This comprehensive analysis enables us to improve water supply services in terms of quantity, quality, and accessibility.


Our approach encompasses various stages, including construction, long-term sustainability, monitoring, evaluation, and maintenance. When identifying target communities, we consider multiple factors such as location, needs assessments, levels of community engagement, and the presence of existing organizations. We actively collaborate with local governments to determine the most suitable communities to benefit from our initiatives.


Recognizing the significance of sustainability, we foster partnerships with reliable local communities, government entities, and water committees. Through this collaboration, our shared objective is to establish and maintain a sustainable supply of clean water, thereby bringing transformative change to communities in need.

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Sustainable Water Solution

Hand Dug Wells

Local trained workers will dig manually between 8-20 meters until reaching the underground water.

Drilled Wells

A local trained team will dig deep wells that allows for access to natural underground water.


A water borehole is a drilled deep hole that accesses underground water, providing a reliable, high-quality water source. Steel casing and a pumping system enable direct extraction of natural water from the ground.

Piped Systems

A system of pipes used to create a sustainable water supply system to various communities.

Water Purification System

A purification procedure which will allow for removal of contaminants. 

Gravity Fed Systems

A gravity-fed water system uses the natural force of gravity to transport water from a higher location, such as a hill or reservoir, to a lower area. 

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